Day 1. Why i started writing.

Firstly, this is officially my very first blog post that I’m writing for a personal page. Ive always desired to have a personal blog and quarantine time provided just that. Time to do that which we have always wanted to do .Special thanks to for this 21day blogging challenge. I’m a day late though.

At the age of 14 , an aunt of mine gave me a note book for my birthday. Notebooks have always been exciting for me. They excite me the way video games excite gamers or the way a Harry Potter sized novel gets a reader giddy. The problem is I never know what to use it for. I mean there is already so much I could do with it. It could be a journal, a book dedicated to writing quotes, a book that I use during Bible study , a book I use during service at church, a book…you get the idea. Due to my indecisiveness, all the notebooks I have ever owned have their first taste of ink on the very last page. When I think back to when I started to write ,this notebook that i received for my 14th is the first thing that pops into my mind and man did I use it for plenty of things! Flipping through it now, i find incomplete books summaries, newspaper cut outs , chemistry equations(eekk!) but most importantly memoirs of a teenage girl that I’m incredibly proud of (I used the book till i was about 17. Sparing it only for the important moments as i grew). Three major reasons i started to write…here goes.

The famous notebook I’ll keep talking about .Where it all started.

I began to write because I had an over whelming need to express myself and talking was just not going to cut it. I needed to express myself in words that were right off my heart but were so seemingly complex that my lips never dared to try to utter them first. As i flip through this now tattered notebook tears form in my eyes (lowkey)as i remember how raw some of the emotions were and writing provided a solace i needed in those moments.

I also began to write in order to have conversations with myself that i wasn’t ready to have with the rest of the world just yet. Up to date, the best way I organise the myriad of thoughts in my head is by arranging them in paragraphs on a piece of paper or a typed out memo on my phone. After which I can pull them out of these neatly arranged drawers in my head and relay the concepts to my peers, siblings,…

Lastly, I started to write in order to capture moments forever. The same way photographs never let you forget a moment, writing never let me forget the intensity of a sight in front of me. Within the pages of my notebook are various randomly placed paragraphs that captured moments in my teenage life I wanted to remember forever. One particular moment I can’t forget as it was the first moment I remember capturing in words was a sunset I raced to get a better view of, mere minutes before mandatory “prep” time. The first of many.

Thought I would share this particular moment as captured by my 14 or 15 year old self.

Started writing back then and it has ever since helped me through anxious moments, anger, heartbreak and so much more. Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ˜™

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